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Ningbo Diben Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd

Ningbo Diben Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Company Introduction

Ningbo diben Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is plastic molding machinery manufacturer integrating technology research and development, processing and manufacturing, sales and service. Dieben not only has rich experience in the industry, but also has the courage to innovate and forge ahead with innovation to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption injection solutions.

Diben machinery is widely used in automobile industry, household appliance industry, packaging industry, medical products, construction industry, optical products and other manufacturing fields, including products with high manufacturing difficulty and strict material requirements, such as fast food boxes, construction pipe joints and so on.

For different types of products, dieben machinery has formulated strict quality testing standards. Each injection molding machine has to pass the material physical and chemical test, parts processing test, assembly unit simulation test and 72 hour single machine operation test to ensure the high precision and high stable quality of products.

In the future, dieben machinery will adhere to the brand marketing strategy, deeply promote the fine management, compre­hensively enhance the executive power, improve the sales and service system, and jointly build a new industrial alliance with partners.
Diben machinery, open up a new future of plastic machinery industry!


Certification and honor

In the field of plastic machine, we have obtained a number of patents and certificates

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Our plastic extruder,extrusion line and auxiliary equipment

We provide plastic pipe profile extruders and auxiliary equipment

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Single screw plastic extruder line

Why choose us

Quality Experience Service in the field of plastic extruder

Why choose us
100 million
In China, we serve more than 20 plastic pipe production factories with an output value of over 100 million
100 production lines
Professional design engineers and commissioning engineers, both have educational backgrounds in machinery factories, have designed and debugged more than 100 production lines
7*24 hours
Professional sales and after-sales service team, proficient in English, Spanish, Russian and other languages, providing 7*24 hours online service


Plastic Pipe Extrusion Technology Consulting Industry Trends News

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The kinds of plastic extruder

The kinds of plastic extruder

There are several types of plastic extruders used in various industries. Here are a few common types: 1. Single-Screw Extruder: This is the most basic and widely used type of extruder. It consists of a rotating screw within a heated barrel, which melts and conveys the plastic material through a die to form a continu...


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